Disturbing News from Puerto Rico

This article is worth reading if you're American, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory.  But, some suggestions offered by the public to their government, which seem to be under consideration, could be seen as disturbing:

Require unemployed workers to work on farms owned by the state. 
Hitler's work brigades immediately spring to mind.  If this doesn't happen for you, maybe you never saw Triumph of the Will?  It is worth your time so you can recognize a slick propaganda piece and the underlying structure of such a piece.

The specter of work brigades should bother everyone; Germany is a G7 country.  That means this is something most countries in the world should be afraid of and everyone should be watchful on, it seems.  

Koyaanisqatsi: The Failure of Closed Capitalism

This is rough; I may edit it later into something more presentable. 

Alan Watts pointed out in one of his lectures that our system of economy is doomed to failure.  The basic premise is that we create as much crap as we can as fast as we can and, eventually, the product quality diminishes as profit margins are squeezed and costs must go lower.  People do not stop to think that, once you're done cutting corners and taking shortcuts, you're going to take that money and use it in a market place where you'll by products that other people were cutting corners on when they made these.  So, you can have that or you have to go outside the culture.

Watts never pointed out that this would occur in the labor market.  We can see this in the way everything is made in China because nobody in the West wants to work for so little.  The Chinese have decided that they're selling their labor too cheaply and the factories will move either to the PC16 nations or whatever nations replace the PC16 in the coming decades.  So, once more, you have to go outside the culture.

So, what?  You may say.  What do we care if closed capitalism (note the adjective closed) necessitates a permanent underclass? In case you haven't noticed, that position is a rotating one based on cutthroat completion where bands of angry men organize in entities called states and raise other entities called armies, which dump metals and chemicals on one another until one side has either had enough or can no longer participate in this orgy of death and must await the judgement of their betters.

So, what?  You may say.  What do we care when the West left its cultural footprint all over the world?  You should care because the history of Europe is nothing more than the history of resistance against cruel, hardy men from the Asiatic steppe.  Russia is keenly more aware of this than Europe, which is why Muscovy moved the capital when the Russians -- culturally -- aligned themselves with Europe despite ongoing Russian denial to this reality and the inevitable acceptance that Russians must have of it if they wish to survive as a people.

So, then, closed capitalism is no one's friend because the mob is fickle and it will come to pass that leadership will change hands as it has always come to pass until it all ends, if it all ends.

What is the solution?  As I said, you've got to go outside the culture.  But, now the culture is Earth-sized and we have to go beyond it.  Essentially, we must become the enemy we faced in the film Independence Day.  I'm certain the producers knew what they were doing.  The aliens are our shadow just as the agents are in the Martrix.

The fictitious president describes both the fictitious enemy and us:

They're like locusts.  They travel
from planet to planet, their whole
civilization.  After they've
consumed every natural resource
they move on.  And we're next.
Agent Smith describes humanity:

Every mammal on this planet
instinctively develops a natural
equilibrium with the surrounding
environment.  But you humans do
not.  You move to an area and you
multiply and multiply until every
natural resource is consumed and
the only way you can survive is to
spread to another area.
There is another organism on this
planet that follows the same
pattern.  Do you know what it is?
A virus.
These statements frighten people because they believe that it's dehumanizing to think of ourselves that way.  No, its deidealizing.  If anything, these statements help you to get rid of your illusions/opinions.  Accept what we are and how we act.  If you don't like how we act ,then change how you, personally, act.

But, it's always better to tell others how to act, isn't it?  It's like the angry fat lady screaming down the street at one her neighbors.  She was yelling all this Christian nonsense after starting a fight with someone and, in the midst of it yelled, "Lord, cleanse this house!  Cleanse this house first and then cleanse my house!".  Or how about the Iranian national who told me, "We don't have a problem; we are people; the bosses have a problem.  Fuck United States of America and fuck Islamic Republic of Iran, but first fuck United States of America".

How about the "charitable givers" who want to send money to Africa while their own people starve?  What about these jackasses who adopt kids from China when we have children in orphanages?  Yeah, let's help everyone else but us and everyone else but our own people because we're right and the rest of the world is wrong and everyone else thinks that way; so they're all wrong and I'll prove it by showing them that I have time to work on others because I do not need to work on myself.

So, you can continue doing that, or you can go outside the culture by going inside of yourself and fixing your own problems.  On the macro level, we need to go to space and start mining the moon and mining asteroids so that we can buy more time to figure out how to live better.

And, let's hope that Hogland's image analysis is wrong, because if there really are robot parts on the moon that means we've done this before and we still failed or there is someone out there that is bigger and badder than we.

So, we likely cannot keep expanding forever.  We'll either meet someone bigger and badder or we'll do what we did in Angkor Watt, Easter Island, Giza, Chichen Itza, and every other place where a capitalist system built large, tasteless buildings, slaughtered scores of people, ate everything around them, and finally died when their societies collapsed under the weight of their own imbalance.

Koyaanisqatsi - Kizökkent világ from Merényi Zoltán on Vimeo.

I think the existence of alternative political systems e.g. communism are a symptom of the recognition that something is wrong and that nobody has any viable solutions.  So, we should remain calm and act prudently.   We still have some time before a large rock hits the Earth or a super volcano erupts, ending most life on Earth.  We can still get our species out of here alive if we calm down and focus.  All people must realize that we're playing for the survival of the species and we must work toward that end, but we must not forget to have fun, develop the arts, release our creativity; these are the things that propel us forward.  Animals don't produce art, they focus entirely on survival.  

Musings on Truth & Error

I wanted to test my hypothesis that every lie contained truth and that a coherent system would manifest if lies were constructed via a chain of truth – there would be fragments, of course, but I wanted to see if we could create a completely different world-view from this nonsense.  In a sense, it was taking Chaos Magic Theory a little further, but in another sense it was simply undertaking the work seemingly demanded by the theory.

I came across a few realizations about truth.  There was no truth before language; so what was the truth before we called it truth?  If it was at all then it was there and it must have been what was and is and, perhaps, what will be.  Language does not correlate to experience; so truth does not correlate with a reality of truth.  We’re dealing with a verbal problem and the entire exercise is pointless.

I also considered the possibility that the truth itself was the truth and contained within the language, which brings us to epistemology and the problem of infinite regress, which – seemingly – can only be, effectively, solved through coherence or convergence.  But, coherence is not truth any more than confidence is accuracy and so it’s not a viable solution.  Convergence is possible in mathematics, as calculus demonstrates; it may be possible to create an infinite series of logical statements and analyze for a solution.

This brought me to Gödel’s Theorem and the possibility that proving the truth would need to occur outside the linguistic system, which brings us back to nature and what does the truth correlate, directly, with?  I’m left with the idea that what was and what is, empirically, outside language is truth.  Language itself must, therefore, be the error and I believe the lack of correlation between language and direct experience makes this obvious.

Error, therefore, has its place in helping us to understand truth.  Without the error of language, we would never have developed the technologies that allowed us to begin to take the universe apart and understand how it works.  But, I think truth is whatever exists and not what neurolinguistic layers we apply to it.  And, this layering being nueroloinguistic, we can never know truth and would have no way of verifying it anyway.  So, for us, nothing is true and everything is permissible; so why not be nice and have a good time?  =)

Havamal Stanzas 121-125

So, we are continuing with our examination of the Havamal using the PU translation.

I counsel thee, Stray-Singer, accept my counsels,
they will be thy boon if thou obey'st them,
they will work thy weal if thou win'st them:
never in speech with a foolish knave
shouldst thou waste a single word.
It seems to be an unproductive experience.
From the lips of such thou needst not look
for reward of thine own good will;
but a righteous man by praise will render thee
firm in favour and love.
Well put.
There is mingling in friendship when man can utter
all his whole mind to another;
there is nought so vile as a fickle tongue;
no friend is he who but flatters.
Well put.
I counsel thee, Stray-Singer, accept my counsels,
they will be thy boon if thou obey'st them,
they will work thy weal if thou win'st them:
oft the worst lays the best one low.
I counsel thee, Stray-Singer, accept my counsels,
they will be thy boon if thou obey'st them,
they will work thy weal if thou win'st them:
be not a shoemaker nor yet a shaft maker
save for thyself alone:
let the shoe be misshapen, or crooked the shaft,
and a curse on thy head will be called.
Yeah; how do you apply this in a 76% service economy?  The insights are phenomenal.

Entropy as the Root of Intelligence

I found more articles that suggest entropy is the root of intelligence.





Consciousness and Intelligence

While I lack the time to develop this into an informative essay, I found some interesting data on the internet over the past few weeks.

First, I discovered that scientists in 2014 confirmed the existence of quantum tubules in the human brain, which corroborates a challenging theory about consciousness.  Alan Watts pointed out in one of his lectures that we are not certain if geology descended from consciousness or consciousness ascended from geology.  The aforementioned discovery makes the idea that consciousness ascends from geology and, in fact, has been with us all along more reasonable.  You can read more about this discovery here:  http://www.kurzweilai.net/discovery-of-quantum-vibrations-in-microtubules-inside-brain-neurons-corroborates-controversial-20-year-old-theory-of-consciousness

Second, I saw Dr. Alexander D. Wissner-Gross discussing intelligence and entropy.  http://www.ted.com/talks/alex_wissner_gross_a_new_equation_for_intelligence.html If this is true, that entropy leads to intelligence, this also corroborates the theory that consciousness ascended from geology and it also makes intelligence seem much less complex than we've thought of it.

Further reading:



Havamal Stanzas 116-120

So, we are continuing with our examination of the Havamal using the PU translation.

I counsel thee, Stray-Singer, accept my counsels,
they will be thy boon if thou obey'st them,
they will work thy weal if thou win'st them:
tell not ever an evil man
if misfortunes thee befall,
from such ill friend thou needst never seek
return for thy trustful mind.
Of course.
Wounded to death, have I seen a man
by the words of an evil woman;
a lying tongue had bereft him of life,
and all without reason of right.
I counsel thee, Stray-Singer, accept my counsels,
they will be thy boon if thou obey'st them,
they will work thy weal if thou win'st them:
hast thou a friend whom thou trustest well,
fare thou to find him oft;
for with brushwood grows and with grasses high
the path where no foot doth pass.
I counsel thee, Stray-Singer, accept my counsels,
they will be thy boon if thou obey'st them,
they will work thy weal if thou win'st them:
in sweet converse call the righteous to thy side,
learn a healing song while thou livest.
Good point.
I counsel thee, Stray-Singer, accept my counsels,
they will be thy boon if thou obey'st them,
they will work thy weal if thou win'st them:
be never the first with friend of thine
to break the bond of fellowship;
care shall gnaw thy heart if thou canst not tell
all thy mind to another.
The last two lines are maybe; maybe not, but the former lines are good advice.